Coronavirus Update

February/March 2024

As spring approaches (with summer not far behind!) we are gearing up for spring cleaning and looking forward to more sunshine and time outdoors. After winter and its holiday festivals, feasting and flu(!), we'll soon be enjoying spring gardening, summer vacations, BBQs and adventures with friends and family.

But before we bite into that corncob or find ourselves far from the beaten path, we would like to remind everyone that oral health is an important part of maintaining the overall good health you need for a strong immune system.  COVID and other respiratory illnesses are still here and we hope you continue to take normal precautions, including frequent handwashing, covering your mouth when you cough and wearing masks if deemed necessary.  And along with our homes and yards, we also encourage you to think of "spring cleaning" for your health - including your oral health. 

If you haven't had check-up x-rays in more than two years, please consider having them at your next cleaning. You may be concerned with radiation, but it is important to realize that the health benefits almost always outweigh the risks of radiation exposure. The typical dose of radiation from dental x-rays is .01 millisieverts (mSv) compared with .02 mSv for an airline flight.

For more information, see or Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

Regardless of the season, it is always our pleasure to welcome patients to our practice and help them maintain excellent oral health. 

If you have questions, please call us at 253-852-5155. 

Thank you for your trust and loyalty.     

Dr. J. Martin Anderson & Team


For more information on COVID-19:




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