Coronavirus Update

December 2021

As we close out another pandemic-stressed year, we are grateful for continued good health, the blessings of the holiday season and that we have mostly resumed our regular schedule of treating our patients.  Some of you remain at home due to COVID, and we look forward to seeing you again when you feel it is safe to return.  We will be here for you, as we continue to maintain all precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, American Dental Association and state and local governments.  

Our office is still kept clear of magazines and public areas are sanitized regularly.  We continue to pre-screen patients before each appointment and manage the schedule to maintain social distancing.  Air purifiers are in each room and counter barriers are in place.  We require continuous masking and will re-screen and take your temperature at check-in.  You may be asked to pre-rinse with an antimicrobial and will need to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.  

For those who have not yet made it back for regular dental visits, we remind you to keep up your home care routines.  Oral health is an important part of maintaining the overall good health you need for a strong immune system, so we are sharing home care tips below to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

Brushing and flossing at least twice daily forms the basis of good dental hygiene.  Efficacy may be enhanced greatly by at-home use of Sonicare and Waterpik products, which can help reduce plaque build-up and periodontal inflammation.  In addition, if you have bleeding gums, inflammation, sensitive teeth, or are at a moderate to high risk for decay, you should consider using an antimicrobial rinse and/or home fluoride treatment. 

We have been using a new antimicrobial called IoRinse as an in-office pre-rinse for patients, because it has been shown to rapidly kill the coronavirus.  It is also a highly effective periodontal treatment.  IoRinse, Peridex (another antimicrobial) and prescription fluoride toothpastes are available for home use for our established patients. 

If you have questions about our office protocols or how best to manage your home health care, please call us at 253-852-5155. 

Thank you for your trust and loyalty.  We wish you joyful holidays and all the best for a healthy New Year!   

Dr. J. Martin Anderson & Team

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